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An online archive of more than 1,300 New York Times columns by Albert Shanker

As president of the American Federation of Teachers, Albert Shanker became known as a strong and courageous advocate for labor - as well as an "iconoclastic thinker," "champion of children," and "educational statesman." For twenty-seven years Shanker’s "Where We Stand" column in the New York Times offered an 800-word dose of straightforward common sense, reaching an audience far beyond the educational establishment. The column stands as a wonderful archive of Shanker’s far-ranging intellect, keen analytical abilities and no-nonsense ideas about how to improve schools. The complete collection offers an assortment of education and labor topics, and also spans important events and issues of the time, predicting what impact they have for us today.


"Continuing Al Shanker's legacy: NYSUT conference center honors his work and life."
New York Teacher, Dec. 4, 2002.

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