LOCAL 2509

Representative Council Meeting- September 19, 2013

Bridget Bredin, Tim Brown, Erik Buckely (A), Shirley Clay, Kevin Connell, Conti Chris, Kathleen Conti, Jamie Fleisher, Doreen Fraino, Carol Frankel, Steve Gaffin (A), Katherine Glade, Donna Iseman, John James, Robin Jones, Jason Kahn, Lynn Kane, Debbie Kydon, Marcelle Mase, Karen Michelson, Richard Murray, Susan Norfleet, Jackie Pardy, Nichole Perna, Breda Purdy, Catherine Rios, Phil Rucker, Evan Seidel, Elena Temple, Joyce Tigue, Lilybeth Torres, Joan Tisbe, Patti Trout, Mary Vail, Randi Welsh, Mary Pat Wolff, Elsa Villalobos

President- Debbie Kydon Vice President- Tim Brown Secretary- Lilybeth Torres Treasurer- Shirley Clay

Grievance- Patti Trout Negotiations- Chris Conti Budget- Shirley Clay Membership-Robin Jones Public Relations- Breda Purdy Health and Safety- Joe Biachi, Sick Bank-Lilybeth Torres and Jason Kahn, Rockland Teacher's Center Rep and Constitution-Tim Brown Central Labor Council and Political Action-Kevin Connell- LAP- Jason Kahn and Lilybeth Torres Technology/Website- Patrick Mitrione Newsletter-Jason Kahn

Meeting called to order at 3:38 pm by Debbie Kydon

• No Public Comments
• Minutes
• Recommendation for procedural change for the minutes for distribution and approval:
• The minutes will be emailed out no later than the following Thursday.
• The rep council will have until Tuesday the following week to review and give their suggestions.
• The minutes will be sent out again by Thursday, you must approve the minutes via email on the Thursday it was sent out after the changes.
• Minutes will be sent on Friday to be posted on the web site.
• A motion to approve the suggestions was made by Mase and 2nd by Clay, the motion passed.

• Web Site
• Web Site Postings-please email information to Pat Mitrione pm13fl@optonline.net
• Website: http://locals.nysut.org/rocklandboces/

• I want to first welcome all the building representatives. We have 6 new building reps.
• Elections:
• Thank you everyone who helped with the elections.
• We have coverage for every program throughout BOCES.
• We are short one rep in the CTEC program. A discussion after rep council will be held to fill the position.
• Just a reminder regarding the constitution:
• Each building representative must participate in two committees and/or RBSA event.
• Everyone on the council must have a personal email.
• If you miss a third meeting you will no longer be a part of the council.
• You are the voice of the union and your people; you must be present to know what is going on.
Please hand in the names and emails of the members you are representing, please do not accept a BOCES email or a district base email address it has to be a personal email. If they do not have an email, you can offer to assist them in creating an email account with them.

• August budget was read; for further information please see building rep.

• It has been fairly quiet.
• Resolved an issue for a member involving a summer counseling memo.
• Resolved a scheduling issue for a special teacher in district based program.
• Was able to extend a FMLA leave for a Kaplan Staff.
• Continuing to work on a travel pay issue for DB Special Teacher
• Should be resolved by the end of the month.
• Will be setting up a meeting with Ana Reluzco to discuss work related injuries and unpaid worker's comp days in the summer.

• Contract will not be provided as a hard copy. There will be a link on the BOCES website.
• Health insurance buyout:
• Empire has decided not to do the buy-out, the members who are participating in the buyout will receive a check in January 2014, but it is unsure if the June payment would be given
• NYSUT and Empire are in court to determine legality.
• There are still some details being worked on. There are still some glitches but no member was affected by them.
• The teacher scores will be released in October 2014. A parent must request in writing for their teacher score. If a parent makes this request, the teacher will be notified of request.
• Aides contract:
• The proposed contract was sent to Ana Reluzco, we are currently waiting for a response.
• Please give your Vote Cope cards to Kevin.
• If you have any question regarding vote cope please contact Kevin at DenKev5@aol.com

• We will be interviewing candidates who are running for elected positions today at our monthly meeting.
• Ed Day (Republican)
• David Free (Democrat)
• A brief description of each candidate was provided to the council.
• What question do you have for the candidates?
• What are their affiliations with the districts?
• Will they plan to bring union workers for the Tappan Zee project?
• Where do they stand with the East Ramapo School District issues?
• No Report
• Rockland Teacher Center moved into Neary.


• No meeting has occurred since May 2013. Will be setting up a meeting to go over the amount of sick days, in the bank.

• A meeting was held earlier today 9/19 on campus.
• The staff on the West Nyack campus are very happy with the SRO.
• Currently things are going smoothly.
• Protocol for reporting a Health and Safety issue-First let the supervisor know about the situation. If not resolved, let Joe Bianchi know via email JosephBianchi31@yahoo.com.
• Keeping The Rockland BOCES Staff Association's mission of giving to our community.  We have planned to support the following events.
• Family fun day will be held at Rockland BOCES BERC in Nyack fun full day of games activities and crafts for our students, their families and family of our staff. 12-to 3 on Saturday 9/28 anyone who would like to sign up please contact Breda Purdy.
• Blow –a-way Breast cancer. October 11th Rockland BOCES wears Jeans to work to Zip out Cancer $5.00 or more get's you on our Jean Team.  This year's campaign will go to Nyack Hospital's Breast Cancer Center giving free screenings to people in need.   Total collected so far $445 goal is $1200 please join our team all members of the team will be entered in a $30.00 gift card to Gilligans Clam Bar & Grill call x5583 to join call extension 5583
• Family Fun night at Hilltop School:  October 8th Volunteers needed to read to our students.  A night full of fun, reading and food. Every child will receive a book to bring home with them to share family reading time. Please think of coming down and assisting us that night.
• Stay tuned for many more events during the school year.

• The list is currently being updated, therefore a new member report could not be read.
• If you have any questions regarding your membership please contact Robin at casasjones@gmail.com

• Orientation day went well:
• We provided the members with important information.
• We were able to collect the member contact cards and in return a lanyard with the RBSA website and name inscribed on each side and a NYSUT calendar were provided to the member.
• With the member card information a data base will be created.
• We are trying to increase visibility throughout the community.
• Our first event is on Tuesday, a new/ non tenure member social.
• At this event we will provide the members with information and answer any questions they may have.
• On October 4, 2013- we will be holding a Meet & Greet at a local business.
• A flyer with further information will be emailed to all building reps.
• The building reps must get an RSVP from their members and provide Lilybeth Torres your list.
• If a member does not sign up by the due date, unfortunately they will be unable to attend. For this event is a pre-paid event.
• RBSA will be holding a Logo competition, please encourage your students to participate.
• An email will be sent out with all the details. Please share with your students.

• Gianluca resigned.
• Staff received their swipe cards.
• No meeting held, but everything is good.

• Lakewood- moved to Strawtown elementary.
• Yasmin has been great, anything they needed was provided immediately
• Everything is fine.
• Staff in programs that were relocated in Clarkstown will get paid for unpacking and packing days.
• Link-very happy, unfortunately, they are under staffed.
• They have a part time crisis team.

• CBI-Tech
• No report
• No report

• Hilltop @ Neary
• Everything is good.

• Suffern
• Parent teacher conference cancelled due to loss of electricity.
• Everything is good.

• Elementary IDT
• Working on things internally.

• No report


• River View
• Everything is ok.
• The staff received their swipe cards.

• Good Sam
• Everything is good.

• Tappan Zee HS
• Ok.
• BOCES continues to enforce an attendance policy. Sick days and family illness days are tracked. Attendance letters will be issued by building principals typically starting in November. The trigger for absentee letters is in excess of 1 day per month for a total of 10 absences per year.
• Course work for salary increases must be approved by Human Resources prior to taking the classes) as per the contract.
• Personal days must be submitted at least 5 business days in advance. Two days with reason (business that cannot be conducted outside of school hours). One day without reason can be applied for annually. Remember to submit no reason days well in advance as BOCES reserves the right to deny these days based upon building coverage.
• Please confirm your 2013-2014 salary by using the formula provided by Ana Reluzco. If there are any discrepancies contact the Human Resource office at 627-4713.
• September 11 – Attended the RCTA meeting
• September 17 – Attended meeting with staff over relocations and supplies.
• September 18 – Attended BOCES Board meeting.
• Committee Chairs:
• Webmaster: Patrick Mitrione
• Grievance: Patti Trout
• Negotiations: Chris Conti
• Health and Safety: Joseph Bianchi
• Newsletter: Jason Kahn
• Membership/New Members: Robin Jones
• LAP Co-Chairs: Jason Kahn and Lilybeth Torres
• Public Relations: Bread Purdy
• Rockland Teacher Center: Tim Brown
• Sick Bank Co-Chairs: Lilybeth Torres and Jason Kahn
• Central Labor Council: Kevin Connell
• Political Action/Vote Cope: Kevin Connell
• Rep Council Refreshments: Carol Frankel
• A motion to approve committee chairs was made Conti and 2nd by Clay, the motion passed.
• Committees:
• Grievance:
• Dawn Kitz, Evan Seidel, Shirley Clay, Karen Michelson, Lynn Kane and Jason Kahn
• A motion was made by Frankel and 2nd my Vail, motion passed.
• Budget:
• Evan Seidel, Jeff Schragenheim, Marcelle Mase, Richard Murray
• A motion was made by temple and 2nd by Kahn, motion passed.
• Newsletter/Communication/Photography:
• Kathleen Conti, Jeff Schrageheim, John James, Mary Pattt Wolff, Breda Purdy, Jackie Pardy
• A motion was made by made by Seidel and 2nd by Conti, motion passed
• Political Action/VOTE Cope:
• Mary Vail, Kathleen Conti, Phil Rucker, Shirley Clay, John James
• A motion was made by Conti 2nd by Temple, motion passed
• Public Relations with LAP sponsored activities:
• Kathy Glade, Nicole Perna, Elena Temple, Jaime Fleisher, Mary Patt Wolf, Bridget Bredin, Carol Frankel, Doreen Fraino, Joan Tisbe, Elsa Villalobos, Randi Welsh, Rich Murray, Jackie Pardy, Joyce Tigue, Jackie Pardy and Cathy Rios
• A motion was made by Conti and 2nd by Kahn, motion passed.

• No Old Business

• We are seeking volunteers for Saturday September 21, to volunteer at Boulder Stadium for the beer fest event. If we get 20-25 people; Kaplan will receive $500.
• The Journal news released an article about the Bedford School District and changes to their salary schedule. (to read article please go onto our website)
• People cannot be complacent. It is time to mobilize and support our union, our profession and our livelihood. Look around the country, bargaining rights are being taken away on a daily basis. Legislation is being passed that circumvents and limits the negotiation process. We are fortunate to have a contract that protects our member's rights and terms and conditions of employment but we must continue to work together to ensure that these rights are not taken away. It is important to engage every member and communicate the vision of our union.
• Year-end party:
• Last year we paid for the retirement gifts, LAP will be selling tickets to raise money for gifts.
• We need to think about ideas for the year end party.


Meeting adjourned at 5:02 pm by Debbie Kydon:

Respectfully submitted

Lilybeth Torres, Secretary

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