LOCAL 2509

Representative Council Meeting- October 10, 2013

Bridget Bredin, Tim Brown (A), Erik Buckely Alt (A), Shirley Clay, Kevin Connell, ChrisConti, Kathleen Conti (A), Lisa Covati, Jamie Fleisher, Doreen Fraino(A), Carol Frankel, Steve Gaffin (A), Katherine Glade, Donna Iseman, John James, Robin Jones, Jason Kahn, Lynn Kane, Debbie Kydon(A), Marcelle Mase, Karen Michelson, Richard Murray, Susan Norfleet, Jackie Breda Pardy, Nichole Perna, Brian Powers, Purdy, Catherine Rios(A), Phil Rucker, Evan Seidel, Elena Temple, Joyce Tigue, Lilybeth Torres, Joan Tisbe, Patti Trout, Mary Vail, Randi Welsh, Mary Pat Wolff, Elsa Villalobos

President- Debbie Kydon Vice President- Tim Brown Secretary- Lilybeth Torres Treasurer- Shirley Clay

Grievance- Patti Trout Negotiations- Chris Conti Budget- Shirley Clay Membership-Robin Jones Public Relations- Breda Purdy Health and Safety- Joe Biachi, Sick Bank-Lilybeth Torres and Jason Kahn, Rockland Teacher's Center Rep and Constitution-Tim Brown Central Labor Council and Political Action-Kevin Connell- LAP- Jason Kahn and Lilybeth Torres Technology/Website- Patrick Mitrione Newsletter-Jason Kahn

Meeting called to order at 3:30 pm by Debbie Kydon

• Chris Conti welcomed Dawn Deleo and Brian Powers to the Rep Council.
• Minutes
• September minutes were approved and added to the website.

• Web Site
• Web Site Postings-please email information to Pat Mitrione pm13fl@optonline.net
• Website: http://locals.nysut.org/rocklandboces/

• No Report

• September budget was read; for further information please see building rep.

• Currently I am working on the following grievances
• filing an improper practice for a member,
• filing a grievance for travel time
• I am not privy to provide the information for the last grievance for the member wants to keep it quiet.

• Members may have received a letter from Human Resources regarding the buyout.
• The problem is being worked on.
• Please do not respond to the letter until there is more information on the issue.
• I am still working on the Aide's contract and our contract being placed on website.

• Please give your Vote Cope cards to Kevin.
• Please make sure to hand in your Vote/Cope forms to Robin for payroll deductions.
• It is not too late to register to vote, the cutoff date is October 14.
• A new political party is being worked on. If you are interested in being a part of the labor party is will be the "working families" political party
• Next week Thursday October 17, 2013 we will be conducting a phone bank.
• New City at the IEBW, committee members please join me for the phone bank, there will be food, and if you know anyone who speaks another language please contact.
• If you have any question regarding vote cope please contact Kevin at DenKev5@aol.com

• The following people are being endorsed by the Central Labor Council
• David Fried – Rockland County Executive
• Paul Piperato – Rockland County Clerk
• Alex Gromack – Clarkstown Supervisor
• Justin Sweet – Clarkstown Town Clerk
• Craig Towns – Clarkstown Town Justice
• Scott Ugell – Clarkstown Town Justice
• Stephanie Hasuner – Clarkstown Town Council
• George Hoehmann – Clarkstown Town Council
• Wayne Ballard- Clarkstown Superintendent of Highways
• Walter Weetje - Orangetown Supervisor
• Christopher Smith – Orangetown Receiver of Taxes
• Christopher St Lawrence - Ramapo Town Supervisor
• Patrick Withers- Ramapo Town Council
• Edward Onderdonk – Stony Point Town Council
• James Monaghan – Stony Point Town council
• No Report
• No Report.


• There currently are 879 days in the bank.

• No report.
• Protocol for reporting a Health and Safety issue-First let the supervisor know about the situation. If not resolved, let Joe Bianchi know via email JosephBianchi31@yahoo.com.
• Family fun day on October 4, 2013 was a success approximately 50 children and their families attended.
• Games, crafts, food and tons of fun.
• 20 RBSA members attended.
• Family Fun night at Hilltop School:  October 8, 2013.
• 19 children and their families attended.
• They enjoyed a night of pizza and drinks, while listening to books being read by our RBSA members.
• Deb Kydon did a presentation for parents on tips on reading in the family.
• The children were able to select and keep a new book of their choice.
• Blow –a-way Breast cancer. October 11th
• Please wear pink/red shirt and your favorite jeans to show support.
• So far our team has raised $647 but this does not include the walkers and their teams.
• Next event is the toy drive, stay tuned for details.

• We have a total of 580 RBSA members.
• 267 pay full, 147 pay 3/4 , 29 pay split, 128 pay ½ dues.
• The aides are currently not paying dues, once the contract is negotiated dues will be taken out.
• If you have any questions regarding your membership please contact Robin at casasjones@gmail.com


• Meet & Greet was held on October 4, 2013
• Our goal was 75 member attendance- we had 78.
• Only downfall was that we had 95 people RSVP but 30 did not show up.
• We collected $80 for the breast cancer fundraiser
• We collected $112 for the retirement gifts.
• RBSA will be holding a Logo competition, please encourage your students to participate.
• The deadline for the competition is on November 11, 2013
• We now have a new AP Peter Dinouvo
• Things are being handled internally

• We had our first meeting with Yasmin and it went well.
• Currently working on getting phones for the psychologist and social workers.
• Human Resources is adhering to the contract and not approving college courses on days that conflict with staff development. Some staff had previously taken classes during staff development time by seeking approval from their building supervisors. Remember all course work taken for salary increases must be approved prior to taking the course by Human Resources.
• Can the member take a course if its to maintain their certification?
• If they are taking a course for their certification they may want to speak to Ana Reluzco.
• CBI-Tech
• No report
• No report

• Hilltop @ Neary
• Everything is ok

• Montebello
• Building rep has not introduced themselves to members

• Suffern
• Handling things internally

• Elementary IDT
• Everything is ok

• Handing thing internally



• River View
• Everything is good

• Good Sam
• Everything is good.

• Tappan Zee HS
• Ok.
• At the ED 13/14 meeting Maria Neira, NYSUT Vice President shared that NYSUT is seeking a 3 year moratorium on the use of high stake testing to evaluate teachers.
• Special Education enrollment has slightly exceeded the projected number of students in this year's budget and CTE enrollment is right on target.
• September 25th- Attended ED 13/14 meeting with Evan Seidel
• September 28th – Attended Family Fun Day with 19 RBSA members. Thank you for volunteering your time.
• September 30th- Represented staff members in meeting with Ana Reluzco.
• October 1st- Attended a meeting with a staff member and Bill Toussaint and Ana Reluzco.
• October 2nd – Attended meetings with staff members and Ana Reluzco.
• October 3rd – Attended Central Labor Council meeting with Kevin Connell.
• October 4th- Attended RBSA Social at the Pour House. The first RBSA Meet and Greet social was a huge success attended by 78 members.
• October 7th- Attended Table Talk with Tim Brown, Shirley Clay, Chris Conti and Patti Trout.
• October 8th- Attended Family Fun Night with 9 RBSA members. Thank you for volunteering your time.
• October 9th – Attended Political Action meeting with local Union Presidents.
• October 9th- Attended RCTA meeting.
• October 9th- Attended County-wide dinner meeting with Tim Brown, Shirley Clay, Patti Trout and Chris Conti.

• November 14, Bowling Event. We need 5 bowlers to complete the roster. Door prize, food and beer involved.
• The $150.00 fee will be covered by the President's miscellanies funds.
• Breast cancer walk, you can go to DICKS at the palisade mall for your walking packet. If you want to register you can go tonight from 5-8pm
• Vote cope- at NYSUT Conference we received a certificate for VOTE/Cope, the picture of receipt is on the NYSUT website: www.nysut.org.
• Concern about the TCI training
• Members feel it is not part of their job descriptions to restrain students.
• They do not want to restrain students, do they have to attend these training?
• The new teaching assistants are not being trained and feel they should not restrain students.
• NYSUT Conference
• Handouts on brief information on OBMACARE.
• Information on stress, workmen comp, social security benefits, federal information on OBMACARE.
• The information was scanned; Debbie has emailed the information to the reps.
• Please forward the information to your members.
• Workmen comp information
• The only form you are obligated to fill-out and return is the C-3 form.
• Do not pay any money, and perhaps get an attorney.
• You are covered via workmen comp.
• When the nurse calls, please don't be mistaken; she is not your friend she is only trying to find out information about you and your illness.
• School safety information is being handed out to the members.
• Roseanne Mercado was the point person for the family resource center.
• Her son was killed, they are currently accepting donations to pay for the funeral
• A motion to donate $50.00 was made by Temple and 2nd by Rucker
• Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 4:20 pm by Chris Conti:

Respectfully submitted

Lilybeth Torres, Secretary

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