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LOCAL 2509

Representative Council Meeting- December 13, 2012

Cheryl Benesch, Joseph Bianchi, Bridget Bredin, Tim Brown, Erik Buckely, Shirley Clay, Chris Conti, Kathleen Conti, Lisa Covati, Kevin Connell, Dawn DeLeo, Brian Desmond Alt (A), Jamie Fleisher, Carol Frankel, Steve Gaffin (A), Katherine Glade, John James, Robin Jones, Jason Kahn, Eric Kurz, Lynn Kane (A), Debbie Kydon, Marcelle Mase, Sue Melcer, Linda Menegaux, Karen Michelson, Susan Norfleet, Jackie Pardy, Nichole Perna, Brian Powers Alt(A), Breda Purdy, Lisa Raspanti, Catherine Rios, Joyce Rothstein (A), Phil Rucker (A), Jeff Schragenheim, Evan Seidel, Rich Siddi, Elena Temple, Joyce Tigue, Patricia Tofallos, Lilybeth Torres (A), Patti Trout, Mary Vail, Randi Welsh, Mary Pat Wolff

President- Debbie Kydon Vice President- Tim Brown Secretary- Lilybeth Torres Treasurer- Shirley Clay

Grievance- Patti Trout Negotiations- Chris Conti Budget- Shirley Clay Membership-Robin Jones Public Relations- Breda Purdy Health and Safety-Eric Kurz End-of-Year Party and Sick Bank-Lilybeth Torres and Susan Melcer Rockland Teacher's Center Rep and Constitution-Tim Brown Central Labor Council and Political Action-Kevin Connell- LAP- Susan Melcer Technology/Website- Patrick Mitrione Newsletter-Jason Kahn

Meeting called to order at 3:30 pm by Debbie Kydon

• Patrick Mitrione – concern about attendance letters staff are receiving despite medical conditions, such as cancer. Requested that the "policy" regarding 5% absence rate, be included in staff handbook to be clear and consistent.
• Deb Kydon – will follow up with administration as follows: (1) request a different form, one that is more sensitive, be used for those members who are out on documented medical conditions, such as cancer; (2) ask if a member improves attendance can the attendance letter be expunged from personnel file; (3) ask if absenses that are medically documented, can the attendance letter be expunged; and (4) follow up with having the attendance policy and procedures in the staff handbook.

• Minutes- November minutes were approved with the suggested changes and will post on the website.
• Jason Kahn made motion to accept; Robin Jones seconded motion.
• Web Site
• Web Site Postings-please email information to Pat Mitrione pm13fl@optonline.net
• Website: http://locals.nysut.org/rocklandboces/

• Building Rep Coverage:
• When contacting a member please remember to cc Tim Brown so he can have proof of you contacting the member.

• November's budget was read; for further information please see bldg rep.

• Hilltop issue, previously reported about, has been resolved; an agreement was made.
• Issue at Kaplan regarding personal day requests is being addressed, currently.

• Chris Conti thanked Mary Pat for creating the negotiations survey.
• Chris Conti reviewed each item on survey.
• The survey is being amended based on feedback from Rep Council and members. The amended version will be sent out again for all to complete as original survey results were being deleted.
• Discussion ensued regarding the need for a constitutional amendment in order to require future surveys to be reviewed by Rep Council prior to being disseminated to the members.

• Vote/Cope contributions were deducted.
• If you would like to contribute more, please write a check to Vote/Cope and send it to Kevin.
• Debbie Kydon requested a total amount sent for 2012 calendar year to use for LAP application.
• The Committee will reach out to the retirees to ask for Vote Cope contributions
• If you have any question regarding vote cope please contact Kevin at DenKev5@aol.com


• The meeting was cancelled.
• No Report
• Working on new initiatives.


• 2 meetings were held; both applicants were approved. One application was initially denied due to the member submitting the outdated form.
• Members need to use updated form on website. (HIPPA form to be developed.)

• Meeting will be held to discuss concerns about smoking and fast driving on campus.
• Follow up meeting to on-grounds smoking to be scheduled after Holiday recess.
• Lines were painted; the signs posted in front of KCDC seem to be effective.
• CBI-TECH room size issue, previously reported, has been resolved and construction will begin after the Holiday recess.
• Protocol for reporting a Health and Safety issue-First let the supervisor know about the situation. If not resolved, let Eric Kurz know via email ekurz76@hotmail.com

• Take a zip out of breast cancer fundraiser went well, we raised over $1000.00.
• Breda Purdy reported that she has received thank-you's from the Nyack Cancer Unit, who were overwhelmed by the BSA's generosity.
• There will be three types of fundraising
• CTEC, Skills USA and CBI will do a food drive.
• Skills USA students will also be participating in coat and toy drive.
• The coat drive is currently on
• We will be collecting hats, coats gloves.
• We are currently working with St. Peters to have the opportunity to give the collected items for free.
• Our first drop off will include about 40 coats for adults and children. A second donation will be made in January as more items come in.
• Toy Drive is continuing/toys are still being collected.
• Toy drive for Rockland families.

• The dues are now being taken out of everyone's paychecks.
• 598 members; 275 full dues, 115 ¾ dues, 47 split dues, 135 ½ dues
• 23 BSA members are not registered with NYSUT
• If you have any questions regarding your membership please contact Robin at casasjones@gmail.com



• Ok.
• Robin Jones requested a copy of the Kaplan reps.

• Concern brought up that BOCES Staff are required by certain districts to chaperone evening events in order for their students to attend. However, staffs are not being compensated (either with time or stipend) as done for the districts' staff.

• CBI-Tech
• Concerns regarding increase in suspensions, smoking and continued behavioral issues.

• Everything is ok.

• Neary
• Ongoing conversations between the building reps and the administrator.
• Issues are being held internally

• Suffern
• Everything is being handled internally.

• Elementary IDT
• Working on things internally.

• Concerns about behavior on main campus.


• River View
• Everything is ok. Program is growing with many new students starting, including students from New Jersey.

• Tappan Zee HS
• Ok.
• Discussed the "Right to Work" impact in Michigan and around the country.
• Urged members to sign on to "Tell It Like It Is" to address the increase in mandated testing of students. (Rep Council members signed on during meeting. Email will be sent to building reps to forward to members.)
• RCTA gave a $1,000 donation to NYSUT Sandy relief.
• Negotiations survey was addressed.
• Situation regarding owed monies from East Ramapo discussed.
• November 9th – Attended meeting with BSA member, NYSUT and BOCES Administration.
• November 13th – Attended monthly meeting with Mary Jean Marsico and Bill Toussaint.
• November 14th – Attended RCTA meeting and County-wide dinner with Tim Brown, Shirley Clay, Chris Conti and Patty Trout.
• November 14th – Attended Board meeting.
• November 20th – Attended meeting with BASA and CSEA leadership to discuss impact of Hurricane Sandy on school calendar with BOCES Administration.
• November 26th – Attended a meeting with BOCES and Union leadership to review protocol used during Hurricane Sandy.
• November 26th – Attended a LAP meeting with Sue Melcer, Kevin Connell and Breda Purdy.
• December 3rd – Attended Table Talk meeting with Tim Brown and Chris Conti.
• December 4th – Attended meeting with NYSUT LRS and BSA member.
• December 5th – Attended a meeting with AMY Albers and a BSA member.
• December 5th – Attended Board meeting and Services Guide dinner.
• December 6th – Attended a meeting with BASA and CSEA leadership to discuss East Ramapo's debt with BOCES Administration.
• December 11th – Attended ED 13/14 dinner with Evan Seidel, Patti Trout and Tim Brown.
• December 12th – Attended a meeting with BSA staff member.
• December 12th – Attended RCTA meeting.

• LAP committee will be scheduling another meeting to address application.
• The Blood Drive held on 12/3 had 60 people show up and 47 accepted units collected.
• Communication is a union deficit. It is very important for building reps to keep our members informed and share information. As a unit, we need to improve our efforts.
• NYSUT raised about $700,000 for Making Strides for Breast Cancer. Donations are still being accepted through their website.
• Discussion about Sandy make up days discussed. BOCES needs to wait for individual district to present their plans before deciding.

Meeting adjourned at 4:40pm by Debbie Kydon:

Respectfully submitted

Jason Kahn for
Lilybeth Torres, Secretary

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