• LAST UPDATED: October 26, 2014

    Phone Banks Tuesday 10/28/14 3-6PM
    at North Rockland Teachers Union office Rt. 9W Stony Point.
    If interested contact Kevin Connell denkev5@aol.com or 845-558-6774

    Topics on the this page:

    1. Make Time Magazine to apologize to teachers
    2. NYSUT Voter Guide
    3. Save the Date
    4. Volunteer to help with the phone banks
    5. Fall Festival
    6. RBSA Raises $4,876!!!
    7. Show your respect on SRP Recognition Day, Nov. 18
    8. Minutes

    Time Magazine must apologize to teachers !

    As you know by now, TIME magazine's Nov. 3 cover, online this week, seems geared toward creating controversy by claiming that it is impossible to fire teachers. This cover is irresponsible, designed to sell magazines and not intended to foster serious discussion about solutions to improve schools.

    I urge you to sign this online petition from the AFT. It tells TIME's editors to apologize for blaming teachers in order to boost sales. There are serious challenges facing our schools, and here's your chance to tell TIME that blaming teachers won't solve anything.
    President Randi Weingarten plans to deliver the petitions next week in New York.



    NYSUT Voter Guide

    We are pleased to provide you with this Voter Guide, so YOU can decide on Nov. 4. This year, the stakes are extremely high. You have the power to help create a government that supports public education pre-K through post-grad, supports educators and their due process rights, supports unfettered access to health care, protects the right to retire with dignity and financial security, and supports labor rights across all of our constituencies.






    Meet our team members

    Patti Trout
    Karen Michelson
    Alexa Adams
    Christina Adams
    Lorraine Anderson
    Leah Blau
    Marc Blau
    Amanda Butler
    Shirley Clay
    Jodi Coello
    Irina Conklin
    Luis Diaz
    Janet Faluotico
    Doreen Fraino
    Harry Hahn
    Sulina Hernandez
    Lori Higgins
    Scott Jones
    Patricia Killeen
    Dawn Kitz
    Dale Langer
    Amy Leone
    Ashley Lisitza
    Louis Michelson
    Nancy Mirabile
    Burtho Norfleet
    Susan Norfleet
    Philip Rucker
    Aviva Sakolsky
    Jeff Schragenheim
    Karen Schragenheim
    Sarah Schragenheim
    Nancy Shakouri
    Tara Shea
    Andrew Stack
    Melissa Stack
    Margaret Struhar
    Amy Tatro
    Colette Townsend
    Noah Trout
    Marie Wood Smith

    Special thanks to all those that helped and donated to the
    RBSA Team


    A $1,000 goal and they raised $4,876!!!!!!



    Thanks to our Supporters!

    Action Rubber & industrial supply
    Albert Driscoll
    Allison Avila
    Ally Medina
    Amy Leone
    Ann & Adriana
    Ann, Robert, Alexandra & Robert
    Anne & Joe Bonello
    Ashley Coello
    Aviva y Sakolsky
    Beth Doremus
    Beth H Borelli
    Betsy Lohrfink
    Brenda Tenley
    Brian Horowitz
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    Carol Kelly
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    Christina Adams
    Christopher Hitchings
    Claude Going
    Colette Townsend
    Colleen Foley
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    Dale L Langer
    Daren Handley
    Dave Gorbea
    Dawn Deleo
    Dawn Kitz
    DD/DB Summer School
    Debbie Kydon
    Desiree Scott
    Desiree Tuckey
    Don Ceazer
    Lafalgio Garcia
    Donnie Eschrich
    Doreen Romney
    Dorene Weisberg
    Dr. Dana Williams
    Dr. Judith Sambol
    Dr. Rosann Posa
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    Mrs. Janis E. Mills
    Mrs. Jill T Cannella
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    Ms. Amy Stearns Kaye
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    The Purdy Family
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    Victoria Trotta
    W Kindlain
    Woodmont Day



    SAVE the DATE Nov. 20 for a day of action

    NYSUT and its coalition partner AQE are part of the nationalAlliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which is planning a national day of action Nov. 20 to focus on community schools and pushing back on charters.

    Watch for more details to come.



    Show your respect on SRP Recognition Day, Nov. 18

    There's no excuse! Respect your school-related professionals -- the teaching assistants, teacher aides, monitors, secretaries, food service workers, custodians, security guards, drivers, mechanics and all who make our schools run.

    SRP Recognition Day is Nov. 18, 2014.

    To help locals celebrate, NYSUT has available celebration packets that include "SRPs Make a Difference" buttons, a suggestion guide, a poster and fliers available to leaders.

    Register at www.nysut.org/eReg/SRD14 to let us know how many buttons you will need. Order by Nov. 1 to guarantee delivery by Nov. 18.

    Let us know the details of your plans and share your pictures and stories in our contest. For questions, contact SRP Coordinator Margaret MacCartney at mmaccart@nysutmail.org.


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