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    2. Making Strides Support - Sunday, October 19, 2014
    3. CTE is up for a Vote!
    4. Any BOCES teacher or administrator who holds a Professional Certification
    5. NYSUT intervenes in lawsuit challenging tenure.
    6. Show your respect on SRP Recognition Day, Nov. 18
    7. ELL students now required to be identified
    8. Support for us on education issues
    9. Personal Day Requests will no longer be submitted on a paper form
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    CTE is up for a vote!
    October 20th.

    The Multiple Pathways initiative is coming up for vote to the Regents on Oct. 20. If you are in favor of this new option, please click link below and sign petition.

    The Regents are considering alternative pathways to graduation. Changes under review are aimed at career and technical education students, English language learners and non-traditional students who pursue their high school credentials outside of the normal school setting.




    Any teacher or administrator who holds a
    Professional Certification

    Any teacher or administrator who holds a Professional Certification
    is required to complete 175 hours of PD activities during a 5 year period to
    maintain their Professional Certification.

    Teaching Assistants with a Level 3 Certification are required to complete 75 PD hours over the course of 5 years. These PD hours must be reported to NYSED and is reported through the BOCES HR office.

    As per the Rockland BOCES BSA contract, staff are required to participate in PD
    activities each year (32 PD hours for teachers and 30 PD hours for teaching
    assistants for this school year). Participation in these PD activities as well
    as participation in Superintendent's Conference Days count towards the PD

    Some BOCES programs are using My Learning Plan (MLP) to track
    the PD hours, others use the paper form.

    If staff are using paper forms to track these hours, each staff member completes
    the form, submits it to an administrator for signature, and the administrator or
    staff member forwards these forms to the HR office.

    Upon receipt, HR will submit the information to NYSED.


    Please note that anyone who does not hold a Professional Certification does not
    need to submit PD hours to NYSED.

    The following certifications do not require the completion of PD hours for

    1. Any Initial Certification
    2. Permanent or Provisional Certifications in these areas
      School District Administrator (SDA), School Business Administrator (SBA), School
      Administrator and Supervisor(SAS); School Guidance Counselors, School
      Psychologist, School Social Worker, School Nurse Teacher, and any Permanent
      Teaching Certification obtained prior to 2004 such as Special Education K-12.

    Please note that a staff person may hold both a Permanent Certification (does
    not require reporting) and a Professional Certifications (requires reporting).


    NYSUT intervenes in lawsuit challenging tenure

    NYSUT's motion to intervene in a suit challenging the state's tenure law was granted this week by state Supreme Court Justice Philip Minardo.

    The motion -- filed on behalf of seven individual teachers and the statewide union -- gives teachers the opportunity to aggressively defend the state's tenure law, which allows New York's educators to advocate for students and protects good teachers from arbitrary firing.

    Here's NYSUT's statement.


    Poll shows broad support for NYSUT positions on education issues

    Read and share the results of this new poll that shows broad based support for us on education issues.

    • Some highlights:
      Roughly 2/3 of Americans agree with traditionally Democratic positions when it comes to education - especially when it comes to overwhelming support for neighborhood schools and teachers.
    • Overall, 82 percent of those voters able to rate their local teachers believe them to be excellent, very good, or good.
    • Solid majorities (61 percent) back more funding for public schools - including 79 percent of Democrats, 57 percent of Independents, and even 45 percent of Republicans.



    Show your respect on SRP Recognition Day, Nov. 18

    There's no excuse! Respect your school-related professionals -- the teaching assistants, teacher aides, monitors, secretaries, food service workers, custodians, security guards, drivers, mechanics and all who make our schools run.

    SRP Recognition Day is Nov. 18, 2014.

    To help locals celebrate, NYSUT has available celebration packets that include "SRPs Make a Difference" buttons, a suggestion guide, a poster and fliers available to leaders.

    Register at www.nysut.org/eReg/SRD14 to let us know how many buttons you will need. Order by Nov. 1 to guarantee delivery by Nov. 18.

    Let us know the details of your plans and share your pictures and stories in our contest. For questions, contact SRP Coordinator Margaret MacCartney at mmaccart@nysutmail.org.


    What's New in 2015-16

    • School districts are not only expected to annually identify ELL students not making adequate language and/or academic progress they are now required to identify the academic and social/emotional supports they will provide, based on their identified needs.
    • School districts are required to implement a bilingual class based on the number of ELLs who speak the same language in the district, not in a particular building.
    • School districts must provide all teachers and administrators professional development to meet the needs of ELLs.
    • School districts may now use additional criterion to determine whether an ELL student is ready to exit ELL services, including a combination of a student's NYSESLAT score and 3-8 ELA assessment score, or ELA Regents scores.
    • Procedures requiring the Committee on Special Education to determine whether students who have, or are suspected of having a disability should be identified as an ELL and receive bilingual or ESL programs and services.

    Please download the complete fact sheet (PDF), which contains the following:

    • What's New in 2015-16
    • Identification Process
    • Parent Notification and Information
    • Retention of Identification and Review of Records Placement
    • Program Requirements and Provision of Programs
    • Grade Span and Continuity
    • Exit Criteria
    • Support and Transitional Services
    • Professional Development
    • School District Planning and Reporting Requirements
    • Additional Future Amendments
    • Advice to Local Leaders
    • Resources on English Language Learners
    • Definitions of Key Terms




    Changes in how a Personal Day Request will be submitted and approved.

    Personal Day Requests will no longer be submitted on a paper form, rather they must be submitted on AESOP.

    Personal Day Requests

    • Partially Approved or Denied by your immediate Supervisor.
    • Forwarded to Main Office for Final Approval or Denial.

    You will receive AESOP e-mail notifications informing you of your supervisor's decision. Please monitor your e-mails for this information.

    PLEASE NOTE: If your request is fully Approved, your Personal Day will be automatically entered into AESOP and there is no need for you to call in your absence on that day.

    If your Personal Day Request is Denied, you will receive an e-mail explaining the reason for the Denial.

    You are able to track the progress of your Personal Day Request by logging into your AESOP account.

    Make sure you provide detailed information for the reason of the request.

    The following are examples of reasons provided that would result in a denial of the request for a Personal Day on the basis of not enough information:

    • Attending a wedding
    • Personal Family Business
    • Family Obligation
    • Traveling



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