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    1. ELECTIONS ARE COMING! - Check out the Candidates!
    2. ACT NOW! School funding is NOT a personal piggy bank for the rich!
    3. Celebrating another wonderful year and in honoring our retirees
    4. VIDEO: At 'Learning Summit', all agree: Cuomo's evaluation regs need major change
    5. ACT NOW! NYSUT's 9-point plan to Reclaim the Joy of Teaching and Learning
    6. ACT NOW! New study charges fraud and abuse connected to $200 million
    7. Google Educator Certification Bootcamp
    8. Summer 2015 ESOL Certification Courses
    9. VIDEO: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Standardized Testing (HBO)
    10. VIDEO: Call out Pearson at London shareholders' meeting
    11. VIDEO: Donors give big to Cuomo campaign
    12. The next fund-raiser is the Eye glass drive from 4-20-2015 to 6-11-2015
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    School funding is NOT a personal piggy bank for the rich!










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    Governor Cuomo and his hedge fund cronies need to stop acting like it is. And if they aren't willing to stop on their own, we need to stop them.

    WATCH and SHARE our new video online to spread the word!

    Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center to ask lawmakers to stop the governor's latest backdoor voucher scheme: oppose the Education Investment Incentive Act!

    Under the governor's latest backdoor voucher tax credit scheme, hundreds of millions of dollars that should go to public schools and services would be siphoned off ... and that money would go to fund a shady private school tax credit that would benefit the privileged elite.

    And the price tag? $450 million in the first three years alone!

    Take action now at the NYSUT Member Action Center to ask lawmakers to stop the governor's latest backdoor voucher scheme: oppose the Education Investment Incentive Act!

    Albany has already shortchanged public school kids by nearly $5 billion under the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit and the Gap Elimination Adjustment. Until they make good on their outstanding debts to public schools -- the schools that serve everyone -- it's outrageous that they would even consider a bunch of new tax giveaways for exclusive private schools that can pick and choose their students.

    Take action now to say NO to the governor's backdoor voucher tax credit scheme!

    Check out the Candidates!

    Check out the Candidates!

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    Cathy Bonet, Sharlene Brown, Kathleen Galligan
    Edward Gray, Gina Guarascio, Cathy Harm
    Robert Hoke, Margaret Howard, Deborah Kydon
    Mary Marino, Patricia Martone, Ann Metz
    Karen Michelson, Janis Mills, Al Moschetti
    Marie Noisette-Joseph, Sharon Nulty, Sandi Olen
    Mary Perkins, Bridget Pucillo, Diane Quiroa
    Marietta Raggo, Sandra Rickli, Carol Rosenthal
    Monserrate Rubino, Caryl Schwartz, Mary Sitgraves
    Glen Uller, Margaret Whelan

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    Please join us in celebrating another wonderful year and in honoring our retirees on
    June 4, 2015

    Cost $50.00

    Cocktail Hour 5:30-6:30 pm

    Dinner 6:30 -10:30 pm

    Hosted by R.B.S.A., C.S.E.A., and B.A.S.A

    RSVP by May 27, 2015

    Lilybeth Torres Secretary, Union Rep, Lap Chair, Year End Pary Chair

    545 Tappan Road
    Norwood, NJ 07648


    At 'Learning Summit', all agree: Cuomo's evaluation regs need major change




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    Act at the MAC: Urge legislators to sign onto NYSUT's 9-point plan to Reclaim the Joy of Teaching and Learning

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    New report adds fuel to argument for tougher charter standards to protect students, taxpayers


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    by Brian Washington

    Another report is shining new light on alleged instances of fraud and abuse connected to charter schools.

    The report, titled “The Tip of the Iceberg: Charter School Vulnerabilities to Waste, Fraud, and Abuse,” was released earlier this week and charges the financial total connected to waste and mismanagement in the charter school sector is as high as $203 million

    Read More....

    Tell your legislator(s) to adopt stronger charter school standards.

    The future of education is at a crossroads in New York State.


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    The opt out and test refusal movement has been highly publicized in the past few weeks.

    In an effort to collect educators' perspectives on the state exams, an anonymous survey has been created. No personal information is collected other then a date/timestamp when the survey was completed.

    Participants can fill in the survey more then once so they can comment on both the ELA and Math exams.

    The information will be collected, compiled, and shared with the general public, the Board of Regents, elected representatives to Albany, and Governor Cuomo.

    Click here to share your experience with the 2015 New York State Exams












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    Summer 2015
    ESOL Certification Courses

    The College of Mount Saint Vincent in partnership with the Rockland Teachers’ Center Institute is happy to bring you the courses for Additional Classroom Teaching Certificate in ESOL (English to Speakers of Other Languages) through the Individual Evaluation Pathway

    Special price of $1415 each for 3 of the 4 courses and $2205 for the 1 on-campus course available through summer program only (All prices are subject to change)

    For those who decide to continue on for the complete Master’s, an additional course fee of $880 will be necessary as one of the discounted courses cost more in the Master’s program.

    If you have any questions contact Joleen Murray at 845-499-0851 or email

    To register go to
    Look for link under College of Mount Saint Vincent summer ESOL PROGRAM!


    The Google Educator Certification Bootcamp will raise your awareness about how Google Apps can
    be used in the classroom and will prepare participants for certification as a Google Educator.

    Each session will include an interactive overview, top tips from the Google Apps for Education Learning
    Center, hands-on activities, and inspiring ideas for how to use Google Apps for teaching, learning
    and professional collaboration. The activities are flexible, designed to challenge veteran users by
    revealing features and innovative uses they never imagined.

    This Program is being offered at NO COST and is ONLY open to teachers in the Lower Hudson Teacher Center Network. Registration is limited so please sign up early. A wait list will be created and those participants will be notified by June 15th of their registration status. There will be a 3 hour follow-up session in the fall.

    Instructor: EdTech Team
    Dates: Monday, June 29 & Wednesday, July 8, 2015
    Place: Public Schools of the Tarrytowns
    School to be determined
    Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm
    Cost: NO COST
    Credit: 15 Inservice Hours
    Grades: K-12
    To register for this class, please visit our website: and click on
    Registration for Courses.

    "Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," a major HBO show, ran a blistering segment on what these tests are doing to our children, our teachers and our schools.

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    Thank you, John Oliver, for your taking on the test-fixation that's taking the joy of teaching and learning from our schools.

    News from AFT Teachers, April 2015











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    Weingarten joins parents, UK union leaders, to call out Pearson at London shareholders' meeting


    AFT President Randi Weingarten joined other union leaders, parents and education advocates from the United States and the United Kingdom on April 24 in London and demanded that testing giant Pearson measure the social, emotional and academic impact of its education practices in the United States, the United Kingdom and developing nations.

    Attending Pearson's annual shareholders' meeting, Weingarten challenged Pearson to match its actions to its leadership's rhetoric about being a socially responsible company. A recent case in New Jersey showed that Pearson played a role in a chain of events that included monitoring students' social media accounts; more than 30,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Pearson end this practice.

    Read more

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    The next fund-raiser is the Eye glass drive from 4-20-2015 to 6-11-2015


    To donate please contact Elena Temple

    Success Academy donors give big to Cuomo campaign

    by Geoff Decker - Chalkbeat New York

    "By one tally of the 2014 filings, Cuomo racked up at least $800,000 in donations from 27 bankers, real estate executives, business executives, philanthropists and advocacy groups who have flocked to charter schools and other education causes in recent years. 

    The totals far exceed what the same group gave him for his first run in 2010: $136,000. The union, meanwhile, has donated one-quarter of the sum it gave Cuomo in 2010."


    Tell legislators to support the rights of parents to have their children opt out of standardized testing

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    Go to the MAC to urge your lawmakers to support Assembly and state Senate legislation that provides parents the right to opt their child out of developmentally inappropriate exams, and prohibits harmful sit and stare policies.

    The Assembly bill, which passed in the education committee this week, prevents retaliation or other negative actions that could be taken against a student, parent, teacher, principal or administrator, or school building or school district in response to a parent's decision to opt their child out of standardized assessments. The Senate bill is similar but separate and would require schools to inform parents of their right to opt out. It is important to let your lawmakers know you want them to act


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