Time: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm


L.I. – Ronkonkoma
Courtyard by Marriott

Thursday, April 28, 2011

3635 Express Drive North, Exit 58 of LIE


L.I. – Melville
Melville Marriott

Wednesday, April. 27, 2011

1350 Old Walt Whitman Rd., Exit 49N of


L.I. – Uniondale
Long Island Marriott

Thursday, April 28, 2011

101 James Doolittle Blvd.


Advanced Registration Required
Options for registering:

1. Online using you MyNYSTRS account
2. Call (800) 356-3128 Ext. 6180 weekdays between 8:30am-4:15pm

Profiles were distributed earlier than ever. Make sure to take a look and update/correct any information. Profile contains: Earnings and service credit, service credit history, beneficiary information, and description of benefit payment options.
NYS PENSIONS: Sound, secure and a savings for taxpayers

a) Breakdown of TRS income sources: 1990-2010 (14% contributions and 86% investment income)

b) Long term investing through a diversified portfolio has kept the fund secure and well positioned to benefit
from the market’s continued recovery.

(Jan. 19, 2011) – Due to a change in the federal tax tables, retirees' net NYSTRS benefit payment may decrease beginning with the January 31, 2011 payment. The change affects those who have federal taxes withheld based on marital status and the number of exemptions claimed.
Your actual tax liability for the year will not change due to the new tax tables.
The effect of this change may include:
• An increase in federal taxes withheld beginning with the January 2011 benefit payment.
• A decrease in a retiree's net NYSTRS benefit payment.
What retirees should consider as a result of this change:
• Discussing the impact of this change with a qualified tax advisor.
Changing your tax withholding. If you choose to make a change, you will need to file a new W-4P Withholding Election and Certificate with NYSTRS. The form is available on the Forms page at or by calling (800) 782-0289. The form generally must be received by the 12th of the month in which you want the change to occur.