24-7 Let's Go! Healthy Lifestyles Program.

24-7 Let's Go!

A guide to healthy lifestyles for kids, parents and educators.

UPDATE March 1, 2007: American Cancer Society partners with NYSUT in healthy lifstyle program

For kids...

happy and healthy kids24-7 Let's Go! is your way to track how you're staying active and eating healthy.

Your mission: seven good things, seven times a day, seven days a week. [more]

For parents...

son and motherAll parents want their children to be healthy. Healthy, active kids do better in school and better in life. But in today's world, there never seems to be enough time to prepare the right foods and to make sure your kids get enough exercise.

That's where 24/7 Let's Go! comes in. [more]

For educators...

teacher with students24/7 Let's Go! is targeted for use in a school setting, by classroom and physical education teachers, or school nurses. Of course, health care professionals and others who work with children should use 24/7 Let's Go! to encourage the children they come in contact with to build healthier lifestyles. 24/7 Let's Go! is not a calorie counting or weight loss contest. No student should be singled out because of a problem with obesity. [more]

Chart your progress!

Hey kids - download and print this Action Chart to track your physical activity and healthy eating.

It's as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 24/7! [more]

Healthy Bites

girl eats delicious and nutritious appleThe following Healthy Bites tips pages for parents and educators were produced for 24/7 Let's Go! by members of the NYSUT Health Care Professionals Council.

Top Ten Nutrition Myths

Childhood Obesity

Eating Disorders: Q & A


24/7 Let's Go! logoHospital eyes NYSUT's healthy lifestyles program

The statewide union's student-nutrition program has had such a successful rollout to thousands of elementary school children that there is now interest in making it available to a SUNY hospital for its young patients.

Introducing 24/7 Let's Go!

24/7 Let's Go! logoNYSUT program encourages healthy lifestyles 24/7

"Here are two things to remember when it comes to good health - exercise and healthy eating," NYSUT Vice President Richard Iannuzzi told the class, holding aloft a copy of New York State United Teachers' colorful 24/7 Let's Go! pamphlet. [More info, photos, video, media reports]



Healthy Bites!

girl eats delicious and nutritious apple

Words of wisdom for parents and educators written by NYSUT Health Care Professionals

Top Ten Nutrition Myths

Childhood Obesity

Eating Disorders: Q & A

Chart your progress

Download your Action Chart today!


student doing pushups

Courtesy Capital News 9, Albany


About 24-7 Let's Go!

24/7 Let's Go! was developed by the NYSUT Health Care Professionals Council to help teachers, school nurses and health care professionals start to address this national crisis in a fun and exciting way. The goal is to get young students to take 7 positive steps a day, and track their progress by earning stickers to be placed on a chart. The chart has a list of 24 ideas for 24/7 Let's Go!


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